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Don't just take our word, ask our patients. Hundreds of life changing procedures, and happy, pain free patients can talk for us. See what they have to say!

sometimes, a traditional medical approach isn’t enough. TheOsteopathic Center boast a wide variety of success stories from patients who found an answer in alternative and osteopathic medicine when traditional options  left them confused, disheartened, and even hopeless. 
Through the employment of cutting-edge therapies and treatments at The Osteopathic Center, we were able to restore health and in many cases resolve difficult to treat / diagnose illnesses.
Browse trough some of the most notable testimonials from a wide range of patients who have visited the our offices and experienced a dramatic improvement in the quality of their lives, we hope you can be our next success story! 

Manning Sumner

Dean B.

Failed back surgery / Cluster headaches 

One of the most dramatic cases treated by Dr. Goddard, Dean suffered chronic back pain that lasted and even intensified after 3 surgeries, he could only stand for 3 minutes before the back pain became unbearable. Sitting was impossible as well. Dan sought relief from the pain from numerous traditional doctors as well as tried various forms of physical therapy, but nothing was effective until he was treated at the osteopathic center. Watch the story!


Herniated disc

I am in the health care industry and come from a traditional medicine medical background, Matt experienced first hand the benefits of Prolotherpay and PRP. Matt suffered neck pain due to a herniated disk, along with severe weakness. After treatment his pain and weakness was resolved. This experience convinced him to reach out to Dr. Goddard and the Osteopathic Center after he developed a meniscus tear, thus avoiding a very risky surgery. Check his video!  

Linda G.

Plantar fasciitis / Knee, hip and back pain 

Listen to Linda’s testimonial as she explains how PRP injections in combination with localized Stem Cell injections helped her to resolve pain in several areas of  the body: plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain and back pain. Linda was able to return to an active lifestyle and her love for tennis.

James H.

Chronic back pain

James was suffering from severe incapacitating pain that prevented him from work confining him to bed with very restricted mobility. After a visit to the Osteopathic Center he received PRP therapy and just a few days later he was able to walk without pain and to resume his regular activities.         

Will H.

Hip Pain  / Sciatica

Will came to the Osteopathic Center complaining about hip pain and sciatica. Dr. Goddard was able to diagnose and to reduce the pain with an effective Osteopathic manipulation technique to substantially lower the intensity and frequency of the pain. In order to cure completely his occasional attacks Will received a series of  PRP treatments  that completely resolved and cured the cause of the pain. Listen to his story!  


Chronic Tendonitis / carpal tunnel

Steve Gibb’s career as a musician was on the line when he developed a painful and debilitating tendonitis. After a series of stem cell injections and prolotherapy treatments, Steve was able to avoid risky and unnecessary surgery and progressively heal his body from the inside.



Hamstring muscle injury

Billy shared with us his health journey, from being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes as a child and the impact of this diagnosis as he continues to learn how to heal the body from the inside. As a personal trainer, he understands the importance of healing and recovery and the impact of a proper treatment to allow the body to return to activity and training completely and without restraint.

May R.

(Recovered athlete) Back injury

Listen as May describes her experience at the Osteopathic center, from going to many different doctors and specialists until she finally was able to start treatments with Dr. Goddard. This experience showed her a completely new view on how medicine works and how to treat the body as a whole rather than the way traditional medicine works.

Manning S.

(Gym Owner) Debilitating Back Pain

Listen to Manning’s recovery story of how the management of his pain and inspiring from multiple injuries allowed him to expand his understanding of the body and the way he relates to people, clients, and co-workers. Rather than have surgery, the treatments Dr. Goddard performed not only allowed him to be pain free but to grow a thriving environment for his life and his business.

Matt F.

Labrum tear / Shoulder

This testimonial shows how a combination of techniques like stem cells, platelet rich plasma, prolotherapy and osteopathic manipulation are able to achieve dramatic recovery even with very severe injuries.

Adrian N.

Groin tear / Strain

Adrian Nieto is a professional baseball player for the Chicago White Sox. During one season, he strained his groin to the point he could not run and was recommended to have sports hernia surgery.  He encountered Dr. Kristopher Goddard and his prolotherapy treatments. Within the first injection treatment he was playing a week after.

Alexandra B.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Learn about Alexandra’s recovery from rheumatoid Arthritis and how she leads a pain free life after treatments at the Osteopathic Center. Specialized IV treatments help treat arthritis naturally without the use of dangerous and expensive medications. 

Andrew L.

IV Therapy Boost / Energy

Brian P.

Torn Ankle

Cynthia A.

Sore throat / Immune boost

James K.

Wellness plan

Javier G.

Lumbar pain

Jessica K.


Jose Y. (Español)

IntraVenous (IV) Therapy for Energy/ Immune Support


Lory A.

Chelation Therapy / heavy metal detox

Marilyn M.


Nick Moody

Athletic Injuries

Ori G.

Chronic Pain / Lower back

Marcerena & Edwin

Chelation Therapy / heavy metal detox