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Video Testimonials
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Sometimes, the traditional medical approach isn’t enough. The Osteopathic Center boasts a wide variety of success stories from patients who found an answer in alternative and osteopathic medicine when traditional options left them confused, disheartened, and even hopeless.
Through the employment of cutting-edge therapies and treatments at The Osteopathic Center, we were able to address many difficult-to-diagnose and complicated-to-treat illnesses, in most cases completely restoring health and the ideal lifestyle of the patient.
Browse through some of the most notable testimonials from a wide variety of patients who have visited our offices and experienced a dramatic improvement in the quality of their lives. We hope you can be our next success story!

Manning Sumner

Legacy Fit Gym Owner, Debilitating Back Pain

As a trainer and gym owner, Manning is constantly being asked for professional advice about injury and mobility issues. However, after his own positive experience at The Osteopathic Center, Manning now almost without exception refers his clients with injuries to Dr. Goddard.

Dean B.

Failed back surgery / Cluster headaches 

After fifteen ruptured discs and three major back surgeries, Dean continued to suffer from chronic back pain. His quality of life had depreciated to the point where standing was only possible for a few minutes at a time. He began to have debilitating cluster headaches that were also completely incapacitating, rendering him bedridden. After visiting Dr. Goddard at The Osteopathic Center and receiving comprehensive treatment including Prolotherapy, his quality of life has greatly improved and he is now pain-free and able to enjoy life again!


Herniated disc

As a care provider with a background in traditional medicine, Matt was reluctant to try anything different than conventional methods of treatment. But when surgery was recommended after his condition worsened, weakening his arm and further increasing his pain, he decided to visit Dr. Goddard for Prolotherapy and PRP. After these treatments, combined with acupuncture and manipulation, he experienced a total resolution of symptoms. Later, when a sports injury left him with a torn meniscus, he immediately decided to visit The Osteopathic Center for a similar treatment. He was again able to avoid surgery and is back to an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Linda G.

Plantar fasciitis / Knee, hip and back pain 

An avid tennis player, Linda began having localized pain due to plantar fasciitis, as well as knee, hip, and back pain. Her discomfort made it difficult for her to walk, let alone lead the active lifestyle she’d become accustomed to. Dr. Goddard recommended and administered PRP injections enriched with Stem Cells, which alleviated the pain in each of the locales. She can’t help but sing praises for both the treatment and Dr. Goddard’s expertise.

James H.

Chronic back pain

James had suffered from ongoing, severe and incapacitating back pain that rendered him unable to walk without having to stop to rest. He’d tried conventional treatments and found them to become increasingly less effective. After visiting The Osteopathic Center and receiving PRP
therapy, he is able to walk, sit, and stand without pain.  

Will H.

Hip Pain  / Sciatica

Will began to notice an increase in the amount of pain in his hip and low back area, radiating down his leg – a sign of sciatica. As a pharmaceutical sales rep, this debilitating pain became increasingly cumbersome for his living. After visiting Dr. Goddard, he received a diagnosis that allowed him to understand the underlying cause of the pain, along with an osteopathic manipulation that would cure it. Since the symptomology was recurring, Dr. Goddard recommended PRP treatments that have effectively resolved the cause of the pain.


Chronic Tendonitis / carpal tunnel

An avid musician, Steve’s very livelihood was at stake when he developed crippling pain in his elbows, shoulders, and wrists, in addition to the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. After a conventional diagnosis, medical doctors recommended surgery without the guarantee that he’d ever be completely rid of the pain, let alone back to full functionality and the ability to perform. After he visited Dr. Goddard and received a series of stem cell injections and prolotherapy treatments, he was not only able to avoid risky and unnecessary surgery, he is pain-free and didn’t have to endure rehabilitation.


Hamstring muscle injury

No stranger to alternative medicine, Billy used a strict vegetarian diet to stop the onset of juvenile diabetes. He’s continued his passion for health into a career as a personal trainer, and sends his injured clients directly to Dr. Goddard. Most recently, a hamstring tear lead him into the clinic, where he learned more about his own mobility and how to prevent and treat injuries, in addition to receiving an effective manipulation that cured his pain in half the time it usually would.

May R.

(Recovered athlete) Back injury

An avid athlete – a distance runner, cyclist, obstacle-course challenger, and bootcamp enthusiast, May had experienced a transient and problematic nagging injury that made it difficult to participate in the activities she enjoyed the most.
She had visited more than a few specialists who recommended nerve blocks, pain medications, and other treatments that merely masked the pain instead of getting to the root cause of it. After visiting Dr. Goddard, she not only is pain free due to a specialized PRP and Prolotherapy regimen, she also more comprehensively understands the functionality of her body and how to avoid injuries in her vigorous lifestyle.

Manning S.

(Gym Owner) Debilitating Back Pain

As a trainer and gym owner, Manning is constantly being asked for professional advice about injury and mobility issues. However, after his own positive experience at The Osteopathic Center, Manning now almost without exception refers his clients with injuries to Dr. Goddard. No stranger to pain himself as a result multiple back injuries, Manning understands on a basic level the necessity of finding comprehensive alternative treatments like those offered at the clinic.

Matt F.

Labrum tear / Shoulder

Matt had many experiences with conventional medical doctors and was advised to get surgery for his shoulder injury. However, as a physical therapy student, he decided to explore more and investigate alternative treatments. Through a combination of stem cell, PRP, and Prolotherapy injections, coupled with osteopathic manipulation, he was able to achieve a dramatic recovery.

Adrian N.

Groin tear / Strain

As a professional baseball player for the Chicago White Sox, Adrian Nieto has very little opportunity for downtime. When he strained his groin muscle to the point of a partial tear, it was recommended to him to have surgery, to which he decided to explore other possible options for treatment. After a visit to Dr. Goddard and Prolotherapy treatments, he was able to run and play baseball nearly immediately afterward.

Alexandra B.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Alexandra’s quality of life was being threatened by an increasing pain level due to a recent diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. She visited the Osteopathic Center and began a regimen of specialized IV treatments which resolved her pain. She also notes a major decrease in stress levels and a renewed outlook on life, due to the newly discovered ability to deal with this disease without dangerous and expensive medications.

Andrew L.

IV Therapy Boost / Energy

Andrew was leading an exhausting lifestyle of long work days and night classes, in addition to the desire to stay fit and active in his spare time. He discovered specialized IV therapies through the Osteopathic Center and noted a huge improvement not only in his physical wellness, but also his energy and strength levels.

Brian P.

Torn Ankle

Brian injured his ankle and visited two separate physicians who recommended surgery. He started his own research and was led to the Osteopathic Center for stem cell injections that have helped resolve his condition and allow him to return to doing what he loves.

Cynthia A.

Sore throat / Immune boost

After waking up with a sore throat and the fear she was coming down with a seasonal illness, Cynthia decided to try Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation combined with an IV Therapy Boost, and noticed results immediately. Cynthia works at the clinic and recommends UBI for any acute condition, and high-dose Vitamin C for any condition that could benefit from an immune system boost, ranging from chronic fatigue to a typical upper respiratory infection.

James K.

Wellness plan

James visits The Osteopathic Center as a part of his health regimen that keeps him not only in the best health he can be in, but also to adopt wellness as a way of life. An ongoing feeling of wellbeing coupled with the ability to tackle the challenges of everyday is of paramount importance to James, and he’s found with his personal Wellness Plan, he’s able to achieve it.

Javier G.

Lumbar pain

Javier has been a patient of Dr. Goddard’s for two years and before visiting the clinic had serious issues with low back pain. With the ongoing use of PRP injections, Javier has restored his quality of life and his injury has improved immensely.

Jessica K.


After spending the majority of her life dealing with debilitating migraine headaches, Jessica decided to visit The Osteopathic Center. It was recommended she undergo craniosacral therapy and has noticed an ongoing improvement in the duration and severity of the headaches, and hopes to reduce them to the point of nonexistence.

Jose Y. (Español)

Terapia Intravenosa (IV) para energia y soporte inmunologico

Jose habla de como empezo su terapia intesiva con el IV y de como su desempeno y rendimiento atletico mejoro de manera sustancial tras haber recibido tratamientos continuos.

Lory A.

Chelation Therapy / heavy metal detox

Lory had struggled with a mysterious array of symptoms, ranging from blackouts, seizures, memory loss, and behavioral issues. After several extended stays in the hospital, she was finally referred to The Osteopathic Center where they immediately discovered that she had been enduring heavy metal toxicity. She began Chelation Therapy at The Center, and after about three weeks she noticed a major improvement in her behavior, memory, and seizure activity.

Marilyn M.


Marilyn’s life was overwhelmed with the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, from lack of sleep to anxiety and everything in between. After spending weeks bedridden, she decided to visit The Osteopathic Center and received IV Chelation Therapy due to the fact she was enduring heavy metal toxicity. Her life has improved exponentially and she’s able to enjoy it without pain and anxiety again.

Nick Moody

Athletic Injuries

An NFL player, Nick has dealt with a spectrum of injuries and visits The Osteopathic Center due to the fact he’s noted an almost immediate improvement in each injury after receiving PRP with Dr. Goddard. He also has noticed a major benefit in functionality and prevention of injuries by receiving regular alignments and manipulations in addition to the therapies.

Ori G.

Chronic Pain / Lower back

A martial arts enthusiast, Ori enjoyed fitness most of his life until an injury that left him with a bulging disc in his low back. He visited countless doctors, receiving confusing diagnoses and ‘treatments’ like muscle relaxers and painkillers. When he finally visited Dr. Goddard, he was surprised to hear a physician recommend a more wholistic approach, and received an aggressive, full-spine PRP treatment. He has noticed a decrease in overall pain and a marked increase in mobility, and plans to continue treatment with Dr. Goddard.

Marcerena & Edwin

Chelation Therapy / heavy metal detox

Marcerena and Edwin took a test administered by The Osteopathic Clinic and were surprised to find that heavy metal toxicity was a major issue for them. Both major proponents of preventative medicine, they underwent Chelation Therapy as well as IV Boost Therapies for prevention of disease and improvement of overall wellbeing.