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Myths and truths about the penile injection aka P-shot


Advances in technology and the introduction of the P- shot aka penile injection, have made it easier than ever to enjoy a truly fulfilling and satisfactory sexual life. As men and women get older they are seeking to preserve the sexual vitality and energy they enjoyed in their younger years.

Up until now medication has been the only proven route to treat sexual dysfunction, but in recent years the use of regenerative injections like stem cells and PRP (also called P-shot when administered on the penile area) have been at the top of the research showing significant progress. The P-shot has been shown to treat not only sexual dysfunction in men but also medical conditions like Peyronie’s Disease and has even proven able to address women’s difficult medical conditions.

So, how do the P-shot, regenerative injections like PRP and stem cells work for erectile dysfunction? A pharmacological solution like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis etc., works by temporarily increasing the blood flow to the penis therefore giving you an erection. Based on this same principle regenerative injections are able to strengthen the physical mechanisms involved in blood circulation to the penis and even repair weak blood vessels. This provides a lasting solution to weak erections by directly addressing the physiological cause of the dysfunction.
Regenerative injections can provide a much more lasting and powerful solution without the risk of potentially dangerous medications by working in synergy with your own body.

With few to no side effects and virtually no down time, regenerative injections have become the superior treatment over expensive and potentially dangerous pills.  But what are some of the most common misconceptions and ideas about the P-shot?

Learn more about the P-shot from Dr. Sean Goddard, click the video

  • The P-shot is extremely painful.

False. The pain of the P-shot is very well tolerated, the treatment area is first numbed then a very small needle is used, these used in combination prevent any discomfort with the injection. The whole procedure takes no longer than 20 minutes, and residual soreness (if any) will resolve within a couple of hours.

  • The procedure will leave a scar?

False. injection site will heal without any visible marks within 2 weeks, leaving absolutely no marks or scars.

  • Is the P-shot is a safe procedure?

Yes. Regenerative injections use biological substances and proteins found in your own plasma and stem cells to activate the body’s “healing mechanisms”. Since these substances are organic and usually come from your own body, there is little to NO RISK of rejection. This is one of the reasons that makes the injections a superior choice over conventional medication which usually come with a plethora of unwanted side effects. 

  • With this procedure I am in for a long recovery.

False! The treatment takes about 15 minutes to perform using a tiny needle. Performed in the comfort of our offices, the patient can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

One thought on “Myths and truths about the penile injection aka P-shot”

  1. For an introduction my name Brad Brian, my daughter, Erin Rutland was your patient and so is my friend Wayne Tipton.
    My question is that I had my prostate removed 9 years ago and tried pills, pump etc to get an erection since my surgery. The only thing that works is an injection 15 minutes prior to having sex. It really works but would the P-shot be a more permanent answer? Also, I have the condition Peyronie Disease. Will the P-shot help this as well?

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