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The O-Shot, better than sex

Discover the secret behind intense pleasure

empowered women looking confident eveluating the O-shot

Are you plagued by constant UTIs and pain, are you having difficulties reaching climax, or perhaps things don’t feel the same down there? The O-Shot is a new innovative procedure that works with the cells in your own body to repair and heal damaged or deteriorated cells on the body.

What is the O-Shot?

The O-Shot (Orgasm Shot) is a proven scientific procedure to assist women to achieve better orgasms and to help resolve a wide range of difficult and often painful health conditions.

The O-Shot uses blood-derived growth factors (PRP, stem cells) to improve blood flow to the vagina. The improved blood circulation triggers healing mechanisms able to repair tissue and alleviate pain. The end result is a dramatic improvement in the health of the vagina.
Better blood flood and circulation mean healing, no matter the condition the O-Shot aims to repair. With the O-Shot, we can very often normalize tissue and function.

The O-Shot can help you if you suffer from:

•         Decreased libido (sex drive)
•         Urinary incontinence and urge
•         Dryness from menopause
•         Interstitial cystitis
•         Lichen sclerosis, Lichen planus
•         Postpartum incontinence
•         Chronic pain, dyspareunia

Many difficult to diagnose and treat conditions like interstitial cystitis, vulvodynia, and dyspareunia have shown great improvement after treatment. Once the cells are injected into the vaginal area, the body re-ignites the NATURAL healing process. There is no need for surgery, medications, hospital stays, or prolonged recovery. Results will improve over time as the cells have enough time to adapt and grow into new tissue.

Outstanding Benefits:

•         Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
•         Younger, smoother skin of the vulva
•         A tighter vaginal opening (introitus)
•         Stronger and more frequent orgasm
•         Increased sexual desire
•         Increased natural lubrication
•         Better intimacy
The O-Shot is a natural alternative to expensive surgeries, medications, and invasive procedures.

The treatment takes about 15 minutes to perform using a tiny needle. A topical anesthetic makes the process virtually painless. Performed in the comfort of our offices, the patient can resume normal activities right after the procedure.

Explore your options with the O-Shot and get back your own confidence back! Call the Osteopathic Center today.


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