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Written Testimonials
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Adrian N.

Sports Injuries

I’m a professional baseball player and played for the Chicago White Sox. During one season, I strained my groin to the point I could not run and it was recommended to have sports hernia surgery. I encountered Dr. Sean Goddard and his prolotherapy treatments. Within a week of the first injection treatment, I was playing again. Not too long after healing my abdominal muscle, I overstretched my shoulder practicing yoga and had no strength. I had a treatment on my shoulder and it is now stronger than ever.

I have known Dr. Sean for several years as my osteopathic doctor for chronic pain in my back, knees, and shoulder. His extensive knowledge of athletes and athletic injuries has allowed him to diagnose the root cause of the pain and design a treatment protocol to address the problem.

Brian H

Rotator cuff tears / Shoulder

I injured my shoulder in early 2014 and went to an orthopedic surgeon in Kingsport, TN. I had heard great things about PRP therapy and was curious about the procedure. I couldn’t afford the time off or the medical bills that came with surgery, or the months of physical therapy that accompanied surgery. The surgeon in Kingsport told me he wouldn’t do PRP on me because the tears were too severe. He informed me that I needed surgery because my shoulder wouldn’t last another month. That is when I searched the Internet and found Dr. Kristopher Goddard. I got in contact with him and his office in Knoxville, TN. They are very people oriented and make one feel like they are part of their family.

I am extremely blessed and thankful I found Dr. Goddard and the Osteopathic Center. With the PRP and stem cell therapy, he repaired my rotator cuff and saved me from financial hardship with all the medical bills from the surgery and physical therapy and still not being able to have full use of my shoulder. Because of the PRP and stem cell therapy Dr. Goddard administered, I was able to regain 100% of my shoulder with no limits in range of motion. It’s amazing how much better my shoulder felt after the first shot. I recommend everyone and anyone that has been told they need rotator cuff surgery to see Dr. Goddard first. He has worked a miracle for me.

Darryl P

Osteoarthritis / Knee

I went to see Dr. Goddard because I was proactively seeking a natural healing treatment for my moderately arthritic knees. I went in for an initial consultation with Dr. Goddard in 2015, then back for platelet rich plasma (PRP) shots to my left knee in May (I think) of 2016.  I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Goddard, his staff, and the results of my PRP shots. During my appointments with Dr. Goddard, he gave me what I thought was a thorough examination, provided insightful feedback based on his examinations, and he took the time to listen to me and answer any questions I had.  When he gave me the PRP shots, I thought his method of delivering the shots was well thought out, and that it likely increased the chances that the shots would cause maximum healing in my knee.

The end result has been that the knee that I received the shots in feels great — better than the one that I didn’t receive a PRP treatment on.  I’m now planning to get the other knee done. Also, the staff at Dr. Goddard’s Knoxville facility was wonderful.  They followed up with me several times after my PRP appointment to make sure I was doing well.  They went above and beyond the call of duty!

Overall, I’d give Dr. Goddard and his staff an A+ for their service.  I’ve been very pleased.

Susan H

Chronic fatigue / Nutritional deficiencies

All my life I’ve been an active person, participating in life fully. I am a U.S. veteran, 25-year international soccer player, worldwide adventure traveler, surfer, and I enjoy fishing, sailing, and power boating. I walked into Dr. Goddard’s office July of 2014, and all I could mutter was “I am having a health crisis and I don’t know why… please help me.”

For several years, my health was slipping and it had finally taken its toll. I felt unconfident, like I was a walking zombie: chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, inability to recover from the simplest of exercise, brain fog, weight gain, bloating and extraordinary inflammation. This was affecting my quality of life and impacting my professional career. I had been to my family physician and orthopedic surgeon where I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, fatty liver, vitamin D deficiency, high cholesterol, and fibromyalgia. My orthopedic said the only thing he could do for my excruciating knee pain was knee replacement surgery. How could this happen to an active 51-year-old who has been dedicated to mindful nutrition?

Dr. Goddard immediately started a recovery plan for me that included a series of exploratory tests that my GP had never considered. That afternoon I had an IV therapy that immediately lifted the fog around my brain. I was introduced to the Metagenics line of medical food and supplements and completed the 10-day metabolic cleanse that reduced my inflammation and lifted some more fog. Further testing has determined a high metal toxicity to several variants, and I began treatment therapy for this. My results from a very sophisticated set of food sensitivity tests revealed sensitivity to over 25 foods. No wonder I’ve been a zombie for so many years! After two platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, I am pain free and able to use my knee like a regular person – without fear and without a radical replacement surgery.

It doesn’t get better overnight, but after one year of guided treatment from Dr. Goddard treating the root cause of illness and not the symptoms, I feel 100% better. My thyroid levels are normal and my cholesterol has significantly lowered. I can now plan trips with that I won’t have to cancel because I don’t have the strength to hike or ride a motorcycle. My confidence has returned to my day-to-day activities at work and I am again leading teams and projects that make my organization successful.

I’m still on my return to health journey and appreciate the thoughtful and systematic approach that Dr. Goddard has applied to my path forward.

Getting better everyday,

Kristin D

Migraine Headache

When I first met met Dr. Goddard, I had suffered from multiple migraines each month for more than five years. Initially I was skeptical that anything besides heavy prescription medication would help, but after working together, I’ve weaned off the Rx and have been migraine free for months! Dr. Goddard’s holistic approach, focusing on aligning and balancing the body, has not only eliminated my migraines but has improved my overall health. I’ve recommended him to several friends, who have also seen improvements to their health.

Dean B

Back Pain after Three Surgeries

I am a patient diagnosed with “failed back syndrome,” as well as genetic disc disease. In the mid-1980s, I drove myself to the emergency room to have my heart checked because of chest pains. The ER did tests and said my heart was fine. A few years later, I learned that I had ruptured two thoracic discs and that had been the source of my chest pain. In 1990 my L4-L5 disc ruptured and was pressing against my sciatic nerve and compressing the nerve from about ¼” to 1/32” inch. I was in bed 24/7.

The pain was relieved after my first back surgery and I returned to work within three weeks. Almost one year later, I had my second back surgery, and by 2000 my third surgery. Rods and screws were implanted in my back during the second and third back surgeries (see photo). To date, I have ruptured 15 discs.

Even after the third surgery, my pain was intense and most of my days were spent laying in the bed and taking so many pain medications they caused me to vomit. As a result of spending so much time in bed, my knees had become weak and were beginning to hurt as well. My knee pain was masked with temporary cortisone shorts; however, the shots only masked the pain for four weeks and I was back in bed. The orthopedic doctor would only allow me to take the shots in both knees every six weeks. So much cortisone!

In 2003, I could only stand for three minutes before the back pain became unbearable. Sitting was impossible as well. I sought relief from the pain from numerous traditional doctors as well as various forms of physical therapy, including zero gravity pool therapy.

During this time of my body “falling apart,” I starting having unbearable headaches where even blinking my eyes was unbearable! Pain relief from the headaches consisted of taking a 72-hour dose of medications and lying in bed with no light or noise for five hours. These headaches increased to four per week and again I saw numerous traditional doctors with no answers. They were diagnosed as being migraine headaches, but none of the doctors had any solutions other than strong pain medications.

It was about this time that I learned of an alternative treatment approach for pain called prolotherapy. At the time, the closest physician was four hours away, but it was worth the eight-hour trip to finally find a doctor who could help me. Due to the distance of the trip, I only saw this physician every three months. Prolotherapy provided relief for the pain in my back, knees, and especially the excruciating headaches.

Thankfully, a physician started a practice where I live and I can receive treatments on a regular monthly basis. This includes phototherapy, as well as manipulation and other medical treatment. Thanks to regular visits to this physician I have reduced my level of pain, including pain medication, and have been able to lead a somewhat normal life.

Alternative treatments can provide solutions to many health problems, chronic conditions and unrelenting pain, when traditional doctors fail to help.

Matt W

Loss of Muscle / Cervical Radiculopathy

As a Physician Assistant and former college athlete, I am very familiar with traditional treatments of musculoskeletal conditions. These often include a combination of steroids, NSAIDS, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery. For some patients, this combination provides relief. Yet, there are others who don’t improve or are unable to return to their athletic or normal daily activities. Unfortunately, after developing cervical radiculopathy while road biking, I experienced this firsthand. Despite traditional medical therapies, my weakness and pain worsened. It had gotten to the point that my right, arm, chest and shoulder had significant atrophy. A friend recommended Dr. Goddard. I was hesitant in trying nontraditional medical treatments. Looking back, it was the best decision I could have made. The only mistake I made was not seeing him sooner. After a series of adjustments and acupuncture, my pain had resolved, and my strength returned. To this date, I am still road biking and competing in triathlons thanks to Dr. Goddard.

Amaryllis F

Osteoarthritis / Shoulder

On August 2012, I underwent surgery of my left shoulder at a well-known hospital in Miami. After surgery, I religiously followed all the therapy sessions indicated. Apparently everything was fine. After a couple of months I started to have the same pain as before and in August 2013 I visited the same doctor who had performed the surgery a year before. After examination, X-rays, and MRIs, I was diagnosed with “…at least a 50% tear of rotator cuff…”

The recommendation was “…consider arthroscopy, probable mini arthrotomy for repair of the cuff tear.”

My daughter gave me Dr. Goddard’s name and I set up an appointment with him. The results of the treatment have been outstanding. The pain disappeared, I now have almost full mobility of my arm, and I can sleep at night because I do not have the pain I had before.

Ginger M

Torn Meniscus / Knee

When I first injured my knee, I quickly realized the importance of full recovery. As an athlete and mother of two small children, I was unable to do many of the things I needed to do to complete my daily tasks. Simply walking up and down stairs was painful, let alone carrying a child while doing it. The exercise I depended on for stress relief was completely out of the question. After meeting with my orthopedic doctor, I was not surprised to find out that he wanted to perform surgery. An MRI confirmed what I had suspected: a torn meniscus. As a runner, several friends suggested that the cartilage (meniscus) the surgeon wanted to shave away acted as a crucial shock absorber in my knee joint. It would not be to my best interest to continue running the mileage I was accustomed to after surgery. That is when I was introduced to Dr. Goddard. After 6 prolotherapy treatments and no surgery, I am back doing the things I love! I am once again skiing, wakeboarding, running, competing in triathlons, and riding bike and playing soccer with my kids.

David B

Meniscus Tear and Cervical Radiculopathy

My knee was so bad with pain; I was ready to consider surgery. My MRI said the following:

1. Moderate joint effusion

2. Posterior horn medial meniscal tear

3. Chondromalacia with grade 3-4 changes in the medial and patellofemoral compartments.

4. Mild infrapatellar subcutaneous edema/bursitis.

After evaluation and discussion with Dr. Goddard I decided to have phototherapy injections in my knee. After the 3rd visit, I could climb steps without pain. I now have had 5 treatments and can get on with my work and life without pain. I work in construction and have to climb on and off equipment, which had become almost impossible, but now I am able to with ease.

I had also experienced pain on the right side of my neck that radiated down to my arm. After one treatment of acupuncture, this issue was gone. I am really appreciative of Dr. Goddard for all that he has done for me.

Stephanie P

Ankle Pain for 10 Years

10 years ago I tore the ligaments and tendons in my ankle. My ankle was the same until 2 years ago when I began to experience burning, shooting pain and swelling in my ankle and foot. Every morning I dreaded having to stand, because my ankle would pop and cause agonizing pain. It was difficult to stand and walk. It was impossible for me to wear heels or pretty shoes.

I met Dr. Goddard in February of last year. He discovered that I had a dislocated bone in my ankle. He suggested manipulation and a series of shots to strengthen the tendons in my ankle. I felt instant relief after the first visit. We did a total of 5 series of shots and I consider myself to be healed! The shots do cause some swelling and discomfort for a day or 2, but well worth the benefits! I never had to take any painkillers or prescription strength medications.

Dr. Goddard is a well-rounded doctor; he is extremely knowledgeable in natural methods. Dr. Goddard is a true gentleman; he listens to you and your body. I trust Dr. Goddard completely and would listen to any advice he offers. I’ve referred several some friends and family with similar issues and they are all satisfied. I’m forever grateful to him; because of Dr. G I’m able to walk normally in any kind of shoes I want!

Delis M Health Physicist

Shoulder pain with numbness and tingling in hand

I went to see Dr. Goddard because I had consistent pain in my right arm and I was aware that he offers nonsurgical treatment options. I am right-handed and at work I spend most of my time working on the computer. The pain started in my shoulder area and it extended all the way to my hand creating some numbness and tingling sensation. Dr. Goddard initiated treatment using prolotherapy and after the first treatment my pain was significantly reduced within days. After further sessions the pain was eradicated.

I felt confident that Dr. Goddard could help because he seeks the root cause of your medical problem to address it and help you prevent its recurrence rather than just addressing the symptoms. Dr. Goddard offered me practical advice in between appointments, which helped in the healing process.

I highly recommend Dr. Goddard!