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Stem Cell Therapy and Bone Marrow

bone marrow or stem cell transplant?

Stem Cell Therapy a great solution

Chronic, severe back and hip pain can be debilitating. There are many different treatments with varying success for these particular issues. Once conservative treatments (i.e., medication, steroid injections, manual massage and manipulation, acupuncture, etc) are tried and they fail, many people are left wondering if they will have pain forever or if they should consider surgery.

At the Osteopathic Center, we offer cutting edge treatments that may permanently resolve your pain. Stem cell treatments to regrow tissue, stabilize joints, and resolve pain are performed at the Osteopathic Center. Our physicians are excellent at identifying the source of pain and deciding if you are the right candidate for this procedure, the Stem cell treatments is a great option. Check out a recent patient testimonial…

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