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Stem Cell Therapy In Miami

how stem cell therapy works?

Stem Cell Miami

Why stem cell therapy?

Medical technology and even just the knowledge level and understanding of the human body has advanced greatly in the last couple of decades. Many of the advancements that you heard about years ago that seemed like nothing more than science fiction are now becoming widely available after extensive research, development, and medical trials. Many of these things are still considered to be in the realm of alternative medicine in Miami, but are well past the experimental stages. Stem cell therapy is one of the many forms of alternative medicine to more traditional surgeries and procedures and it can be found in our Miami clinic.

With stem cell therapy, you can repair damage done to your skeletal and muscular tissues without resorting to surgeries that traditionally would be used. This is due to the incredible nature of stem cells to signal healing by triggering tissue-specific stem cells. Targeted injections of stem cells can repair the surrounding tissue without invasive procedures and extended recovery times making stem cells one of, if not the most powerful tool of alternative medicine in Miami.

Why are stem cells important?

Stem cells can be used for a range of applications such as anti-aging procedure such as the O-Shot, the P-Shot, and the Vampire Facial. Stems cells are also used for the repair of damaged tissue or degenerative joints. They have become the treatment of choice for athletes and many others who want to avoid the anesthesia, pain, and downtime of surgeries. There is a lot to consider when deciding which stem cells may be best for you to use, so call us at the Osteopathic Center in Miami to get all your questions answered.

How is stem cell therapy done?

In some cases, the cells are harvested from your own body– bone marrow or adipose tissue — and then the injections are targeted to do the most good for your injury or ailment. In some cases, the stem  cells will be acquired from another individual in an FDA  approved process. If you are getting on up there in age, you may want to consider sourcing stem cells from amniotic tissue or umbilical cord blood because as you age, there is an exponential loss in the number of stem cells that you have.

When it comes to injury and age related ailments, stem cell therapy is leading the charge. Experience proves they can relieve pain and undue suffering in thousands of patients. While the traditional healthcare model often turns to drugs or surgeries to address problems, we look for holistic and natural solutions that can more comprehensively solve problems. We have great respect for the extremely complex biologic machine that is the human body. Stem cell therapy is well-received, and often is able to turn back the clock, restoring youthful movements of body parts, and youthful appearances.

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