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Stem Cells for Joint Pain in Knoxville

Joint pain is a problem that many individuals have the displeasure of experiencing at some point in their active and busy lives. With the new developments in the tried-and-true method of stem cell therapy, this pain can be not only resolved but the injury itself healed from within, all by using the body’s own mechanism with a little help from modern technology.

Joint pain complaints are increasingly common in our society, even in populations that continue to be active and healthy like in the case of Knoxville, Tennessee. back and joint pain is in particular very prevalent, and tend to lead to a marked decrease in the quality of life. This kind of pain pain can be intermittent or ongoing, and hinders the patient’s ability to move and enjoy exercise or any recreational activity, and can be debilitative to the point that heavy pain medication is necessary. 

When cartilage is damaged in a joint, either due to arthritis or possibly because of an injury, pain is often the direct result. It typically doesn’t resolve on its own, it must be treated and not ignored. Many patients may choose to use anti-inflammatory medications but find that it only masks the issue temporarily. A physician will frequently suggest medications or even surgery, but it’s been proven that these treatment options rarely alleviate all the pain the patient is experiencing, and in some cases can exacerbate or even create additional side effects due to the medications used. In extreme cases like Dean’s testimonial, (video below) The pain and damage can be so debilitating it can completely incapacitate the  patient, in cases like this, it is possible to alleviate or even reverse the damage without resorting to even more surgery? 

In the ongoing search for a response to this questions, Mesenchymal Stem Cell Regenerative therapy was developed. Stem cell therapy isn’t a new concept, rather, it’s been around since the late 60s when this technology was pioneered and found to be effective. However, it wasn’t until the mid-1980s when stem cells were discovered to occur in human adipose (fat) tissue, and soon later in all body tissues, and even more recently when its potential to be harvested became more simple and effective.

Stem cells are able to regenerate healthy cells and provide relief and repair to old and damaged tissue, introducing new cells as building blocks to support whatever degenerative condition the patient is suffering. Since these cells use the same function as the body’s healing mechanism, they’re able to use the body’s own intelligence to work on the injury, speeding recovery times and alleviating pain.

This treatment is so convenient, that it’s actually called a same-day procedure. This is possible because the stem cells can be harvested and re-injected on the same day. However, in most situations stem cell treatments include a more complete protocol, which entails a series of injections that will take place over the course of a week—all depending on the unique needs of that particular patient. In Linda’s case stem cell therapy was effective on treating not only plantar fasciitis, but a series of other joint and muscular disorders successfully 

One of the most unique and exceptional qualities of this treatment is the ability of the doctor to deliver the therapeutic cells directly to the area of injury, and in much greater numbers than even a healthy body would be able to by itself. Using a combination of the stem cells and natural growth factors harvested from your own blood platelets, the doctor is able to administer the injection directly into the area in need of repair. This is done using real-time fluoroscopy or musculoskeletal ultrasound, which enable precise guidance as well as dispersion of the cells into the tissues.

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