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Podcasts and Interviews
Don't just take our word, ask our patients. Hundreds of life changing procedures, and happy, pain free patients can talk for us. See what they have to say!

Regenerative medicine podcast episode 1


Episode 1 provides an introduction and a general overview into ‘Non-Surgical Orthopedics for the Athlete.’ This episode provides a framework for the future of what we are trying to build as a Podcast for The Osteopathic Center. 

Regenerative medicine podcast episode 2

shoulder injuries

Episode 2 takes you through the main types of shoulder injuries. The different treatment approaches, including traditional orthopedics, integrative and regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine podcast episode 3

Orthopedics – Ankle

Episode 3 discusses ankle injuries but brings in renowned Duke University Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon Dr. Selene Parekh, who discusses how he uses different regenerative medicine products and how effective he has been with them (hint effective)!

He and Dr. Morse discuss the different types of injuries common to the ankle and which treatment options work best for them.

Regenerative medicine podcast episode 4

Knee Injuries

Episode 4 discusses different types of knee injuries, explains what the injury feels like, how it usually happens, and the various ways to fix it.

Topics discussed: Knee Injuries

  • Quad Tendon
  • Patellar Tendon
  • MCL
  • Meniscus
  • IT Band

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Regenerative medicine podcast episode 5

Three Docs Discuss Shoulder, Knee and Foot injuries

Episode 5 brings together the three doctors of The Osteopathic Center: founder Dr. Goddard, Dr. Morse, and Dr. Kosubevsky. They discuss their experiences in treating certain types of shoulder injuries, ankle injuries, and knee injuries.

Topics discussed:

Shoulder Injuries
1. Rotator Cuff 03:00
2. Labrum 07:33  

Knee Injuries
1. Patellar Tendon 14:05
2. Meniscal Injuries 19:45

Ankle Injuries:
1. Ankle Sprains 25:28 
2. Achilles Tendon 30:02
3. Plantar Fasciitis 30:25

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Regenerative medicine podcast episode 6

Intro to the Osteopathic Center

Episode 6 has Dr. Goddard, the founder of The Osteopathic Center, discusses what this place is and why would you come here?!

Topics Discussed:

  • How did it begin?
  • What our clinic’s focus?
  • Wait, we can regrow tissue in your body???
  • What are the different classes of regenerative medicine?
  • How much do we research the products that we use?
  • Amniotic tissue grafting – what is it, and how does it work?
  • What are exosomes? 

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Regenerative medicine podcast episode 7

Journey to the Osteopathic Center origin

Episode 7 has Dr. Goddard, the founder of The Osteopathic Center, discusses his story and how he got here.

Topics Discussed: 

– An early injury/pain shaped his vision 
– Failures of ‘traditional’ medicine
– Why did he start the practice? 
– How it began? 
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Froning & Friends

Discussing Cell therapies and injectables  

Dr. Kristopher “Sean” Goddard stops by to discuss some interesting topics with the usual group. The groups discusses the following topics:

  • Rich’s road to stem cell therapy and Dr. Sean’s approach to stem cell therapy and his path to this specific line of treatment with patients
  • Rich discusses his experience with 3 treatments


Discussing optimal nutrition 

Second part of the  interview with Froning and Friends discussing optimal nutrition and how to achieve vibrant health 

  • The group discusses the controversy over stem cell therapy and common misunderstandings
  • Dr. Sean discusses which people are the best candidates for stem cells