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Froning & Friends

Discussing Cell therapies and injectables  

Dr. Kristopher “Sean” Goddard stops by to discuss some interesting topics with the usual group. The groups discusses the following topics:

  • Rich’s road to stem cell therapy and Dr. Sean’s approach to stem cell therapy and his path to this specific line of treatment with patients
  • Rich discusses his experience with 3 treatments
  • The group discusses the controversy over stem cell therapy and common misunderstandings
  • Dr. Sean discusses what populations are the best candidates for stem cells and the differences between PRP and stem cell therapy, and what benefits these treatments may have on injuries


Chronic back pain

James was suffering from severe incapacitating pain that prevented him from work confining him to bed with very restricted mobility. After a visit to the Osteopathic Center he received PRP therapy and just a few days later he was able to walk without pain and to resume his regular activities.