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Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

This non-invasive treatment uses a pulsating electromagnetic field in varying frequencies and intensities to help the patient manage pain associated with various bone-related conditions, injuries, and other forms of chronic pain. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PMF) Therapy received FDA clearance in 1982 to promote the healing of bone fractures, and is in the process of being cleared for many more uses. Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (MPT) treatment works by addressing the underlying cause of all disease: stagnation at the cellular level. MPT improves cellular metabolism through encouraging a flow and release of cellular sluggishness. Bodily traffic jams are restored to an even flow of orderly transport, and oxygen and nutrients can be moved more effectively throughout the entire system.

This treatment helps to improve cellular and tissue regeneration, improve cellular metabolism, and reduce swelling and inflammation in very rapid manner. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can also help improve the circulation of blood through the body, which increases the distribution of oxygen throughout the body. Overall, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy helps support cellular energy and results in an improvement in cellular health and function, which works to help relieve symptoms of chronic pain and speed recovery from injury or illness.