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Osteopathic approach to stem cells

Why choose an osteopathic physician when considering stem cell treatment?

Patients seeking alternative treatments to their injury or condition will see that osteopathic physicians are engaged in some of the most breakthrough therapies available today for safe, less invasive, body-centric treatments. This is one of the reasons why stem cell therapy has become a favorite tool for osteopathic physicians (DOs).

Choosing the right doctor and assisting specialists for stem cell therapy is often just as important as the technique itself. This is because each physician has his/her own methodology and belief system around how the treatment should be administered, and how follow-up treatments should be done. It’s important to locate an osteopathic physician educated in both the strengths and the limitations of stem cell treatments, and one well-versed in other therapies that can be used in conjunction, such as PRP and ozone, for even better results.

Doctors of Osteopathy, DOs, are well versed in prescription medication and surgery, and most are savvy to new technologies that may be more effective in diagnosing and treating disease and injury. Visiting a DO will allow the patient to receive a holistic and in-depth diagnosis, and treatment will typically be less intrusive and much more comprehensive than a conventionally-trained M.D. When treating “bad knees,” for example, many doctors just inject the joint. DOs understand there is more to it than that — the associated ligaments, tendons, and muscles likely also need repair. Without that broader approach, the joint will not regain stability and the “fix” will not be long lasting.

One of the unique benefits of selecting treatment with a DO is that many use the intrinsic power of the body itself to facilitate healing, rather than attempting to outsource healing to a pharmaceutical agent. Many seek to accomplish good health via the body’s own powerful mechanisms which may have been thrown out of alignment during the course of life and the process of aging. The osteopathic approach is by far less invasive, has far fewer side effects, and is typically much more effective in the long run compared to traditional medicine.

Stem cell therapy ties directly into the osteopathic approach by prompting the body to heal itself.  When administered locally, stem cells bring powerful regenerative capabilities to injury, overuse, or typical wear and tear.

In many cases, traditional approaches that involve invasive surgeries and subsequent rehabilitation, steroids, and anti-inflammatory pain medication can fail to properly stabilize the joint and relieve pain and dysfunction permanently.

The osteopathic philosophy continues to improve the future of healthcare by embracing and pioneering treatments that involve a “whole body” approach, taking into consideration the context of the patient’s lifestyle, medical history, and wellness goals. The osteopathic focus makes osteopathic physicians especially effective at helping patients with approaches that are holistic and effective.


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