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IV therapy for colds and the flu. Does it work?

More than 9.3 million Americans get infected with the influenza virus each year in the United States. On average, each year 5 to 20 percent of the United States population gets the flu. If you are struggling with a stuffy nose, fatigue and sweating under the blankets you know how miserable the flu can be. But, is there anything you can do to “cure” the flu?

Unfortunately, as of today the only preventive method to avoid getting the flu virus is the flu vaccine shot. Antiviral medications like Tamiflu have to be taken during the first 48 hours of experiencing symptoms . in order to be effective. Antibiotics are useless against the virus and taking them can only worsen things by contributing to the superbug epidemic so, once you have the flu, what can you do?

Recently I had the misfortune to catch a pretty nasty virus. A load of work deadlines led me to spend long stressful hours working in front of the computer neglecting proper sleep, good nutrition and abandoning my gym and yoga routines, all resulting in a depressed immune system. It took me just one trip to the outdoor world, the touch of a handlebar to get the virus. It hit me like a train, in a matter of hours I went from “ok” to dealing with really intense body pain headache sweating and fever.

One way to differentiate the common cold from the flu is by how rapidly and aggressively the virus make progress, along with generalized pain and a sense of malaise, fever is one of the hallmarks of the illness, I was bedridden right away

When sick I usually resort to natural and homemade remedies before turning to any over the counter or prescription treatments. I believe that antibiotics should be reserved only for serious and culture-proved cases of infection. In this order of ideas, I was excited to try a totally natural therapeutic method that was intended to help my body in its fight against the virus: IV therapy, but does it really work?

Check my video documenting my IV treatment at the osteopathic center  

Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy) is the quickest, way to administer vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly to the bloodstream in order to enhance immune function and help manage a myriad of acute and chronic health problems, it is also said to be helpful in the case of the common cold and flu, and I was ready to put it to test!
How does it work?

Different nutrients are necessary to strengthen your body’s defenses (aka your immune system). When you take these nutrients orally in the form of food or a pill the body only absorbs a percentage of that particular vitamin or mineral. This percentage can be even lower depending on the state of your health for example if you suffer from leaky gut, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis or if you have abused antibiotics in the past. By using an IV infusion we can avoid all the malabsorption issues and deliver 100% of each vitamin, mineral and nutrient directly into the bloodstream. This provides maximum absorption of each mineral vitamin and nutrient, also by taking IV regularly you are strengthen your immune system on the long term making you less susceptible to catch viruses and infections.

I visited the osteopathic center in Miami Florida where I was administered a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients to help me fight the virus and give my body a boost, I also received Ozone and UBI therapy two of the most advanced IV procedures. With the Ozone and UBI treatments my own blood was drawn then it was infused with ozone and exposed to UBI light as it was returning to back my body for a potent immune boost.

The verdict?

At the moment of my visit I was on the second day of being bedridden, I was running a fever of 103°F. I was severely congested with an annoying runny nose and scratchy throat, I was also dealing with a very dull pain in my bones (I think this is the best way to describe it) and a mild headache.

Right after receiving the treatment my fever went down a to 100 and I was able to sleep relatively comfortably during the night. I was still congested and stuffy, but I was not experiencing the intense night sweats from the past two days that leaved me completely soaked and made me change pajamas several times during the night. The next day after the treatment I noticed a slight improvement on most of my symptoms, I had a bit more of energy to get out of bed, but I still tried the to rest as much as possible. My congestion improved, and my runny nose began to taper off. My fever disappeared but the fatigue persisted. I cleaned my sinus with a Neti pot right before bed and for the first time since I had the flu I got a good night sleep.

Things got surprisingly better by the third day even though my levels of energy were quite low, most of my symptoms had diminished and I was left with a very mild cold, no more fever or bone pain, just a slight congestion. By day 4 I was fully functional, and my energy levels were back to almost normal, still just a bit of fatigue. I was surprised at how quickly my body recovered considering that I have never experienced a bout of flu that lasted less than 8 days and more outstanding the fact that I didn’t develop the much-anticipated upper respiratory infection and devilish cough that always happens right after the flu. I was left armed with a plethora of herbal syrups, tinctures and expectorants that were never used.

Every person reacts to the flu virus differently, and the flu virus in itself mutates quite rapidly. My experiences with flu in the past has been more than a week of utter misery with things starting to look bearable after day 7 always followed by a low grade respiratory infection and coughing that last for several weeks.
In my experience the IV treatment cut the severity and the time of the symptoms for more than half, helping me make a speedy recovery. It might not cure the illness or stop the symptoms right away, but it definitely made a huge difference in the overall time and duration of the illness.
My recommendation? get your IV infusion as soon as you feel the sniffles!

Wanna learn more? check the video documenting my trip to the osteopathic center and the procedures in detail! for more info on all the kind of IVs visit: https://ivsuite.com/

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  1. That’s cool that the IV treatment was able to reduce your fever by a few degrees that quickly. I would think that would be a good way to feel better overnight. You could just put it in your arm and fall asleep and wake up feeling a bit better. I’ll have to think about giving that a try if I get the flu again.

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