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Chronic Pain and Stem Cells

how chronic pain affects quality of life and how to resolve it?

In recent years, there has a been a shift in the way we view pain. Terminology such as “pain management” and “painkillers” have clouded the water; we see pain as something to be eliminated, treated, masked, and sometimes even ignored.

Pain is our body’s way of speaking to us. Pain is a detailed and powerful signal, and in most cases, its role is to point a finger at some sort of injury or physiological issue within the body and get our attention so the issue can be addressed, treated, and healed. In our active, quick-moving lifestyles, we tend to want to ignore the issue and often we opt for the path of least resistance – masking these symptoms with medication. Eventually we can’t ignore the problem and maintain a good quality of life.

Determining the root cause of the pain is an absolute necessity. Pain in the abdomen could signal an appendix about to rupture. Pain in the foot could be a sign of a stress fracture from overuse that could easily become a complete break. Depending on context, a lingering headache could be a sign of trauma or concussion or even a brain tumor that is critical to be addressed.

Stem cell therapy has proven to be the most efficient and long-term solution to resolve chronic pain associated with injury and trauma. It is a totally unparalleled and groundbreaking therapy that supports the healing process the body is already attempting to accomplish, helping it happen more quickly.


          Dr. Goddard Explains Stem Cell Therapy

Although stem cell therapy alone is a very powerful and advanced treatment, there are complementary procedures available to further speed and maximize the healing process. These are especially helpful if the injury happened a long time ago.

PEMF, or pulsed electromagnetic therapy, is a completely non-invasive treatment, using a pulsed electromagnetic field to help promote healing in addition to stem cell injections. BioPhoton treatments also support the effectiveness of stem cell therapy by employing powerful light waves to promote healing within the tissues. It can be particularly appropriate when we are dealing with soft tissue injuries, inflammation management, wound healing, and chronic conditions such as arthritis.  Ozone and UBI can also enhance the work of stem cells. Although these therapies differ in application, they all work to to increase blood circulation, again supporting the body’s own healing mechanism, and eventually eliminating pain—without drugs.

         A Glance Into PEMF

Even though there’s a variety of quick-fix options available to mask or relieve the pain we experience, the better approach is to determine why a pain signal exists in the first place, and give the body the attention it is asking for. Listen to your body’s signal, and help it heal—don’t just ignore its message!

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