What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Solutions and Therapies

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

what is chronic fatigue syndrome and what is the treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome?

Many have heard the term “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” coined before, in reference to bouts of tiredness, general malaise, or even mild depression. It’s a disorder that’s quite misunderstood; and is only now gaining attention in the medical population in an effort to understand it fully.

By definition,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is characterized by a severe, disabling fatigue lasting for more than six months. It is typically associated with physical and mental disturbances, including headache, joint or muscle pain, difficulty with concentration and memory,  sleep disruption, sore throat and tender lymph nodes. Patients describe it as having exhaustion so severe that they find it difficult to work, study, or even concentrate.

The cause behind this disorder is still completely unknown, and it’s estimated that up to 1 million Americans are affected, and possibly as much as 2.6 percent of the global population. Even though it’s extraordinarily hard to diagnose, and there’s no real way to test for it, Chronic Fatigue is still a very real disease, and hugely debilitating for those that experience it.

Solutions and Therapies

Since much isn’t understood about CFS and its origins, a specific set of therapies hasn’t yet been determined. However, many experts theorize that its symptoms may be due to heavy metal toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, and immune disorders. In these cases, replacing the vital vitamins and nutrients the body lacks, as well as removing harmful substances, could help the body reestablish homeostasis and support immune function.

Intravenous therapies are among the most cutting-edge treatments proposed for sufferers of CFS. Typically this can start with determining any nutrient deficiencies they may have, and then administering an array of toxicity tests to find what may be causing harm to the body and the resulting symptoms. IV therapy has been found to be useful not only because of its ability to reintroduce nutrients, but also to be particularly effective in treating cases involving heavy metal toxicity. The chelating agents in some IV therapies may help assist the body in the natural removal of toxic metals and other harmful substances.

Intravenous therapies can not only support the sufferer’s immune system and remove toxins, they can also be combined with techniques like ultraviolet blood irradiation and ozone therapy to assist in fighting the disease. Ultraviolet blood therapy helps to revitalize the blood, and can support its natural healing properties that may have been compromised by CFS. UBI uses ultraviolet energy to increase oxygen in the blood, killing harmful microbes and toxins, and promotes healing by acting as a natural antibiotic. Ozone therapy also works directly on the quality of the blood, promoting further detoxification and healing through increasing the amount of oxygen in the body by introducing ozone into the system.

At the Osteopathic Center, we understand how debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be, and the tremendous impact it can have on your life. Please contact us for your individual consultation and specific treatment aimed to resolve not just your symptoms, but the root cause of the illness. All of our therapies can be administered together, and collectively they offer the massive potential to heal and further enable your body to return to health and regain vitality naturally.

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