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Regenerative Injections

  • Stem Cells
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Prolotherapy
Our high quality and concentrated injectables deliver powerful stem cells and growth factors directly into the injured areas to regenerate and repair tissue for long-lasting and even PERMANENT results.
In contrast to cortisone or steroid injections, our regenerative injections induce tendon, ligament, and joint growth. The precise placement of the injections combined with quality cells and growth factors regenerate tissue to the maximum capacity.

Even if you don't have an injury, the regenerative procedures performed at the Osteopathic Center can improve performance and strength. Regenerative injections regrow tissue and allow you to be stronger in all your activities.
Non-surgical &
Fast recovery
Our injectables relieve pain WITHOUT the risk of surgery, general anesthesia, hospital stays, or prolonged recovery. There is little to NO RISK of rejection. Most people return to their jobs or usual activities within days after the procedure - sometimes even the same day.
Eliminate Pain, Get Back To The Game!
Accelerate healing. The power is inside you; let us bring it out.

NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB athletes have come to us for treatment as well as the four-time champion of the CrossFit Games, Rich Froning. We also see the weekend warrior, the high school and college athletes. You too can eliminate pain, heal injuries, and restore your ability to be fully active and healthy.

Non-Surgical Orthopedics

Athletes come to us because they know we are a cut above. We’ve treated people as young as 8 and as old as 92. We’ve treated people who had failed surgeries, and we’ve treated people who want to avoid surgery all together. Whether athletic activities are your livelihood, or your happiness in life just depends on your body being able to function to its full capacity, you seek out the best.

For our sports medicine patients, we have years of experience with both traditional and regenerative medical options.

Traditional Approaches

  • Bracing – placing a wrap (durable medical equipment) around a joint to stabilize it
  • Fracture management – after X-rays, we use a removable cast to immobilize bones while they are healing
  • Trigger point injections – injections of lidocaine (a local anesthetic) or other chemicals directly into hyperirritable spots to relax muscle spasms
  • Hyaluronic acid injections – a natural polysaccharide (large sugar molecule) that lubricates and cushions joints like a shock absorber (typically used for arthritis)
  • Steroid injections – for fast-acting, but short-term relief of inflamed muscles, joints, tendons, bursa, and almost anything inflamed in the body
  • Medication – ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc

These methods have been around for a long time, and just about every athlete has taken advantage of them at one time or another. We offer each of these options. The philosophy behind traditional approaches is to give immediate pain relief. If these approaches fail, however, they typically lead more quickly to surgery because pain relief is not the same as healing by regenerating tissue.

Integrative Pain Relief Approaches

  • Ozone therapy (also known as prolozone)
  • Injections of the homeopathic remedy Traumeel™
  • Osteopathic manipulation – a hands-on method of bringing the body into alignment to help with proper muscle activation and pain relief
    Neural therapy – subcutaneous injections of dextrose for scars and nerves
  • Caudal epidural for back pain caused by irritation of the lumbar or sacral nerves
  • Nerve hydrodissection – ultrasound guided injection of substances to relieve pressure on a compressed/constricted nerve

Regenerative Approaches

Regenerative injections give you more natural options for common musculoskeletal injuries. The philosophy behind these approaches is to create long-term healing. Some of these treatments use concentrations of your own cells to initiate tissue regeneration in the injured area:

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is the creation of living, functional tissues to replace or repair tissues that have been damaged or compromised by disease or hereditary defects. The tools of regenerative medicine harness the body’s own powerful forces to heal from within. This approach recognizes that our bodies were designed to heal when given the natural resources to do so.

In contrast to cortisone or steroid injections, our regenerative injections induce tendon, ligament, and joint structural repair and growth.

All of our procedures are outpatient procedures; they are minimally invasive, often with little or no down time. In sports, where there can be a direct injury to one structure, say a rotator cuff tendon, we just need to inject one tendon and that will get you back on the field.

The likelihood of complications from regenerative medicine are extremely low. In contrast, if you had a complication with surgery, you often deal with that problem for the rest of your life. Also, we do not use gas anesthesia which has been linked to dementia and immune system depression.

During the initial consultation, we are looking at imaging, your pain level, and your range of motion. Imaging often gives in-depth information to help you and all of us determine the best course to heal your injury. We want to determine if your pain is coming from the injury itself, or from the instability of surrounding structures.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ultrasound has been used for decades, and the technology has developed so much, it is more sensitive than MRI in some cases. OBGYNs use ultrasound to look at babies, ER physicians and radiologists use it to look at internal organs, and still others use it to look at veins. The structures we are looking at in the musculoskeletal arena, however, are much smaller. It takes a trained eye to see these small injuries. In athletic performance, those small injuries are what keep you from being the best you can be.

One of the things that make us a cut above is our use of ultrasound for diagnostics. Other clinics will use ultrasound to guide their injections – and we do that as well – but we also use ultrasound to see the entire area in motion to better diagnose the particulars of your injury. When an MRI or X-ray is performed, the patient is lying still. We believe the injury also needs to be assessed, if it can, when the body is in motion. Ultrasound can do that. In the right hands, ultrasound technology can have more specificity for injuries of tendons and ligaments than MRI.

Injectables & Technique Make the Difference

Another aspect that sets us apart is our use of high quality injectables. This especially applies to exosomes, stem cells, and PRP. Like anything else in life, some products are of much better quality and better reliability than others. We’ve separated the hype from reality; we know which companies make the products that deliver the best, most consistent results and we use them. This field of knowledge is evolving rapidly, and we expend considerable time and energy to stay on top of it. Limiting variables is the key to this field. Reproducibility is what makes some companies better than others – you want a consistent product.

Manual manipulations, ultrasound imaging, and a long-standing knowledge of anatomy, all combine to give us a wealth of knowledge about when and where to make the injections.


Weekend warriors and athletes are hard on their bodies. Regenerative medicine can offer advanced protection against injuries. This can keep your body stronger longer.

Ligaments and joints are notoriously known as areas of “decreased oxygen tension.” The oxygen tension in a healthy ligament is often only 1/10th that of the tissue only several millimeters away from it. The same is true for joints. And as we get older, our circulation decreases. When a trauma occurs, it will produce inflammation that causes edema (excess fluid), which causes a further localized decrease in oxygen utilization. This decrease in oxygen utilization produces a localized increase in lactic acid production, free radical damage, and necrosis which serves as the foundation for sensory irritation and injury.

All of our treatments can induce acute inflammation which brings more blood flow and oxygen to the area – this prompts healing. Prolotherapy and ozone have been around the longest; they’ve been used for nearly 100 years and are great for strengthening small injuries. Ozone has the unique property of directly stimulating oxygen utilization. PRP, stem cells, and exosomes are absolutely needed for more complex injuries but can be used for minor ones as well.

Regenerative injections stabilize the joint and strengthen little tears in the tendon. This allows you to maximize your abilities in all your activities.

The Brain Trust

It would be darn hard to find a team with more experience in regenerative medicine. Dr. Kristopher Sean Goddard, founder of the Osteopathic Center, holds certifications in Stem Cell Therapy Fellowship from A4M and Interventional and Regenerative Orthopaedic Medicine from AAOM. He has been treating athletic injuries since 2009. He views the three top issues that regenerative medicine addresses really well as pain, injury, and instability.

“We can treat any of these things,” Dr. Goddard says. “Often, though not always, pain comes from the injury. Typically, chronic injuries are a result of instability. My job is to figure out the difference, to figure out what is going on in your body.” He takes a big picture, holistic approach to healing injuries and strengthening surrounding structures. “Where we really excel is with our technique. Two physicians could treat the same type of injury with the same degree of severity and get different results because their technique is different.” Dr. Sean Goddard’s initial training as a Doctor of Osteopathy gives him a life-long appreciation for what is happening with both the site of the injury and the surrounding structures. He teaches this fundamental philosophy to his team at the Osteopathic Center.

Dr. Jesse Morse completed a sports medicine fellowship during which he served on the medical staff of multiple professional teams; he understands the professional mindset, goals, and knows how to get athletes safely back on the field. His experience with an orthopedic surgical group gave him the working knowledge of the various traditional approaches.

Both Drs. Goddard and Morse trained extensively in the use of ultrasound for diagnostics and guided injections.

Dr. Robert Jacobson is the former chief of the neurosurgery section at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami, a professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mami, and author or co-author of 40 medical journal articles. He has performed countless bone marrow and PRP procedures in his career. He sees patients who need advanced spinal work – discogenic pain or weakness resulting from the spinal cord. In our Miami office, we have a fluoroscopy machine to precisely guide the regenerative injections when performing spinal injections. It gives us a live image so we know exactly where the injection is going; this is considered the gold standard for joint injections.

Dr. Benjamin Kosubevsky trained under Dr. Goddard even before he finished medical school; he specializes in stem cells, PRP, prolotherapy, osteopathic manipulation, and other regenerative medicine modalities.

To be well-rounded in our evaluations and our treatments, the physicians in this practice necessarily come from different areas of expertise.

We have a great deal of experience treating many different kinds of issues faced by both professional athletes and the weekend warrior. At the Osteopathic Center, we’ll put the options and all of our experience at your disposal so you can decide what is your best path forward.

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Athletes simply love us!
At the Osteopathic Center we have helped many high profile athletes recover from severe sport injuries and sustain peak athletic performance. NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes have received treatments at our offices as well as the four-time champion of the CrossFit Games, Rich Froning. Like them, you too, can heal your injuries and eliminate pain once and for all.
Adrian Nieto
I’m a professional baseball player and played for the Chicago White Sox. During one season, I strained my groin to the point I could not run and was recommended to have sports hernia surgery. I met Dr. Sean Goddard and learned of his prolotherapy treatments. With the first injection treatment I was playing a week after.
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Nick Moody
I was referred to Dr. Goddard by a trainer of mine to take care of multiple issues and injuries I had over the years. The results have been almost immediate. I had received PRP from many doctors before and I can say that the PRP therapy from Dr. Goddard has been by far the most effective procedure for my injuries.
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Proudly treating four times champion of the CrossFit games coined the “fittest man alive,” athlete Rich Froning.  Click here  to watch the podcast. 

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Dr. Kristopher Goddard
Osteopathic Physician
Kristopher Sean Goddard, D.O., director of the Osteopathic Center, strives to provide his patients with exceptional care in regenerative and anti-aging medicine by incorporating training from both traditional and functional medicine. He specializes in regenerative injections and has developed an unique injection technique.

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