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An Introduction To Alternative Medicine

what alternative medicine works?


    Most people know that ultraviolet light is great at killing a wide range of microbes on a surface, but did you know that it can also be used as an alternative medicine to kill bacteria and viruses in your blood? It sounds a bit sci-fi, but your blood can be pulled through a sterile, closed loop machine that irradiates your blood with ultraviolet light and then returns it back to your veins. This ultraviolet energy will increase the amount of oxygen in your blood as well, which is also deadly to many forms of microbes. Look for osteopathic clinics to schedule an appointment to see if ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) can help you.

   Speaking of oxygen, another alternative medicine is ozone therapy. Oxygen kills bacteria and viruses and where oxygen is a molecule with 2 oxygen atoms, ozone has 3. It’s also what makes up the ozone layer that protects our planet from solar radiation. At The Osteopathic Center, you can have ozone applied to external wounds in a “gas bath” or your blood can be disinfected. This blood disinfection method is great for treating Lyme disease, cardiovascular disease, muscular degeneration, herpes, chronic hepatitis, diabetes, and even some auto-immune diseases.

    Another alternative medicine is something that seems “new,” but has been around for a long time is the use of IV therapy to treat common sicknesses like a cold or seasonal allergies to less common ailments like fibromyalgia. The IV serums are a concoction of vitamins and essential nutrients that are absorbed more efficiently than ingestion. IV therapy clinics can even custom tailor the IV therapy to your unique needs to give you the most benefit.

   Surgeries and expensive drugs aren’t the only way to treat many different conditions, if you are looking for a more holistic approach to what ails you, look into what osteopathic clinics can do for you.

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