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Alternative Medicine And You

which alternative medicine is best?

    Many people today are in search of alternative medicine to take the place of the more traditional healthcare model. This includes more holistic treatment options: IV therapy, and the rise of osteopathic clinics. What this means is that more and more people are looking for ways other than surgeries, expensive hospital stays for recovery, and replacing costly drugs with natural alternatives.

      I’m not talking about mixing a bit of powdered bat wing and some strange fungus from faraway lands. No, I’m talking about vitamins and minerals, proper nutrition, and amino and fatty acids. I’m also talking about the use of our own stem cells and other regenerative injections derived from our own bodies to promote restorative action from our bodies. Procedures and therapies that have been tested and proven effective without having to resort to manufactured drugs and more drastic methods which may be effective, but carry higher associated costs, more personal risks from more invasive procedures, and much longer recovery times. That is what osteopathic clinics are trying to achieve.

     One might shy away from the “alternative” side of things, but the science is there and it is sound. Alternative medicine is all based on long standing medical knowledge and bolstered by cutting edge tests and imaging technology. Just because these methods are “alternative” doesn’t mean that they are any less viable an option as traditional methods and in many cases provide the same if not more beneficial results in the end.

     The traditional healthcare model has its place, but you should expand your thinking and consult with a doctor at osteopathic clinics to see if they can provide a better option to that which ails you. You never know, maybe alternative medicine can provide you with something that the more traditional methods cannot.

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