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Personal Success Stories

Sometimes, the traditional medical approach isn’t enough. The Osteopathic Center boasts a wide variety of success stories from patients who found an answer in alternative and osteopathic medicine when traditional options left them confused, disheartened, and even hopeless.

Through the employment of cutting-edge therapies and treatments at the Osteopathic Center, we were able to address many difficult-to-diagnose and complicated-to-treat illnesses. In most cases, we were able to completely restore the health and ideal lifestyle of the patient.

Browse through some of the most notable testimonials from a wide variety of patients who have visited our offices and experienced a dramatic improvement in the quality of their lives. We hope you can be our next success story!

After multiple efforts with various practitioners, Mr. Sumner came to see us at the Osteopathic Center. Sumner’s severe back pain was coupled with severe instability in his lumbar spine; pain traveled down his legs. We performed 2 stem cell treatments 3 weeks apart, and 2 weeks later he was able to return to his full, rigorous workout routine.
Manning Sumner
Legacy Fit Gym Owner, Debilitating Back Pain
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After fifteen ruptured discs and three major back surgeries, Dean continued to suffer from chronic back pain. His quality of life had fallen to the point that standing was only possible for a few minutes at a time. He began to have debilitating cluster headaches that left him bedridden. After visiting Dr. Goddard at the Osteopathic Center and receiving comprehensive treatment including prolotherapy, his quality of life has greatly improved, and he is now pain-free and able to enjoy life again!
Dean B.
Failed back surgery / Cluster headaches
As a care provider with a background in traditional medicine, Matt was reluctant to try anything different than conventional methods of treatment. But when surgery was recommended after his condition worsened, weakening his arm and further increasing his pain, he decided to visit Dr. Goddard for prolotherapy and PRP. After these treatments, combined with acupuncture and manipulation, he achieved a total resolution of symptoms. Later, when a sports injury left him with a torn meniscus, he immediately came to the Osteopathic Center for a similar treatment. He was again able to avoid surgery and is back to an active, pain-free lifestyle.
Herniated disc
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An avid tennis player, Linda began having localized pain due to plantar fasciitis, as well as knee, hip, and back pain. Her discomfort made it difficult for her to walk, let alone lead the active lifestyle to which she’d become accustomed. Dr. Goddard recommended and administered PRP injections enriched with stem cells, which alleviated the pain in each of the locales. She can’t help but sing praises for both the treatment and Dr. Goddard’s expertise.
Linda G.
Plantar fasciitis / Knee, hip and back pain
I’m a professional baseball player and played for the Chicago White Sox. During one season, I strained my groin to the point I could not run and it was recommended to have sports hernia surgery. I encountered Dr. Sean Goddard and his prolotherapy treatments. Within a week of the first injection treatment, I was playing again. Not too long after healing my abdominal muscle, I overstretched my shoulder practicing yoga and had no strength. I had a treatment on my shoulder and it is now stronger than ever.

I have known Dr. Sean for several years as my osteopathic doctor for chronic pain in my back, knees, and shoulder. His extensive knowledge of athletes and athletic injuries has allowed him to diagnose the root cause of the pain and design a treatment protocol to address the problem.
Adrian N.
Sports Injuries
I injured my shoulder in early 2014 and went to an orthopedic surgeon in Kingsport, TN. I had heard great things about PRP therapy and was curious about the procedure. I couldn’t afford the time off or the medical bills that came with surgery, or the months of physical therapy that accompanied surgery. The surgeon in Kingsport told me he wouldn’t do PRP on me because the tears were too severe. He informed me that I needed surgery because my shoulder wouldn’t last another month. That is when I searched the Internet and found Dr. Kristopher Goddard. I got in contact with him and his office in Knoxville, TN. They are very people oriented and make one feel like they are part of their family.

I am extremely blessed and thankful I found Dr. Goddard and the Osteopathic Center. With the PRP and stem cell therapy, he repaired my rotator cuff and saved me from financial hardship with all the medical bills from the surgery and physical therapy and still not being able to have full use of my shoulder. Because of the PRP and stem cell therapy Dr. Goddard administered, I was able to regain 100% of my shoulder with no limits in range of motion. It’s amazing how much better my shoulder felt after the first shot. I recommend everyone and anyone that has been told they need rotator cuff surgery to see Dr. Goddard first. He has worked a miracle for me.
Brian H
Rotator cuff tears / Shoulder
I went to see Dr. Goddard because I was proactively seeking a natural healing treatment for my moderately arthritic knees. I went in for an initial consultation with Dr. Goddard in 2015, then back for platelet rich plasma (PRP) shots to my left knee in May (I think) of 2016. I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Goddard, his staff, and the results of my PRP shots. During my appointments with Dr. Goddard, he gave me what I thought was a thorough examination, provided insightful feedback based on his examinations, and he took the time to listen to me and answer any questions I had. When he gave me the PRP shots, I thought his method of delivering the shots was well thought out, and that it likely increased the chances that the shots would cause maximum healing in my knee.
The end result has been that the knee that I received the shots in feels great — better than the one that I didn’t receive a PRP treatment on. I’m now planning to get the other knee done. Also, the staff at Dr. Goddard’s Knoxville facility was wonderful. They followed up with me several times after my PRP appointment to make sure I was doing well. They went above and beyond the call of duty!
Overall, I’d give Dr. Goddard and his staff an A+ for their service. I’ve been very pleased.
Darryl P
Osteoarthritis / Knee

Your path to a pain free life starts at The Osteopathic Center

Rebecca Mcmichael

Rebecca is an experienced RN with the most recent experience in infusion therapy. She has degrees in Nursing, Marketing, and Management. Rebecca’s goals is to show kindness and compassion to every patient and to seek excellence in all patient care.

Alee Johnson

After a 30-year career as a District Manager for AT&T, Alee decided she wasn’t ready to retire just yet. So, she dove into a new career in the medical field, which has lasted 14 years. She enjoys the people contact and always strives to make the patient feel welcome while projecting a professional presence. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and is “Mom” to Pickles the dog and Winky the cat.

Erin Levinger

Erin has her bachelor’s in nursing. She has been a registered nurse for 12 years. Primarily in emergency medicine. She I always striving to learn new things and finds integrative and regenerative medicine very intriguing. She loves to hear the success stories and to see the benefits that patients reap from all the services that the Osteopathic Center offers. She is passionate about helping people so they can look, feel, and perform at their best. Erin performs well under pressure and is very organized. She is a team player willing to lend a hand to wherever help is needed.


Adriana has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is currently working towards her MSN. She recently found an interest in regenerative and integrative medicine and loves hearing from patients how these therapies changed their lives. She is always excited to learn new things and strives to provide the best care to patients.

Lawrence Kennard

Lawrence Kennard is a family nurse practitioner with almost 20 years experience in various aspects of healthcare. His career started as a volunteer EMT in North Carolina where he eventually became a paramedic with certifications in critical care and flight paramedicine. He then furthered his training earning a BSN from the University of Tennessee and his MSN from Vanderbilt University. He is board certified through both AANP and ANCC as a Family Nurse Practitioner and has worked in various urgent care and primary care settings including remote locations. He gained an interest in holistic medicine after seeing patients successfully treat themselves with traditional methods. Through coming to The Osteopathic Center, he has incorporated IV vitamins, chelation, UBI, and Ozone therapy into his practice.

Kayla Wolfe

Kayla is a fully licensed Radiologic Technologist with a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences. With over ten years in the medical field, she strives to ensure quality patient care and education. As a member of management, she focuses on providing a positive organizational and workplace culture to support the healthcare professional-patient relationship.

Maribel Rodriguez

Maribel has been in the field as a medical assistant and phlebotomist for over 20 years. Her experience in integrative medicine treatments speaks for itself. She treats her patients as a family, but she makes sure all of their needs are the number one priority. Maribel has a down to earth personality; hardly anything can upset her. She is always upbeat and happy to help anyone!

Iryna Drach

Iryna has a Master’s in Finance; she is multi-disciplined and wears many hats. When she is not working on creative projects and answering media requests, she is connecting with patients. She can speak to you in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, and maybe Spanish.

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Please fill out your information and an Osteopathic Center representative will contact you as soon as possible to setup a consultation. If you wish to speak to someone immediately, please call one of our offices.

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Please fill out your information and an Osteopathic Center representative will contact you as soon as possible to setup a consultation. If you wish to speak to someone immediately, please call one of our offices.

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Please fill out your information and an Osteopathic Center representative will contact you as soon as possible to setup a consultation. If you wish to speak to someone immediately, please call one of our offices.

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