Cosmetic Therapy
Facial Rejuvenation
With PRP you can stimulate your own collagen to grow for total facial rejuvenation and dramatic wrinkle improvement.

Are you unsatisfied with how aging has affected your image? The Osteopathic Center can revitalize your image with our facial rejuvenation treatments to help you not only look but feel youthful and refreshed.

The Osteopathic Center in Miami and Knoxville is led by Dr. Goddard who aims to provide his patients with exceptional care in facial rejuvenation and cosmetic therapy. Dr. Goddard and his expert team incorporate training from a variety of medicinal approaches to promote an optimal state of well-being. Contact us today to schedule your consultation in our Miami or Knoxville offices. Ask Dr. Goddard and his team of experts about facial rejuvenation!

Here are our facial rejuvenation treatments:

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Microneedling

PRP Therapy

One of our natural solutions to not only heal the body but to rejuvenate the skin is PRP therapy. PRP is a solution that is created in a sample of the patient’s very own blood spun in a centrifuge. As the sample spins, blood plasma bonds with other reparative properties in the blood to form PRP. PRP is then extracted from the blood sample and administered into the targeted area where it will gradually work to repair the skin on a cellular level. We use PRP to help:

  • Plump cheek indentations
  • Soften hallows beneath the eyes
  • Brighten skin tone
  • Improve skin texture
  • Fill in creases where it may be unsafe for chemical fillers

PRP is an all natural solution that has been deemed safe and effective to rejuvenate the skin with no downtime.

Stem Cell Therapy

During stem cell therapy, we utilize adult stem cells to help repair the skin on a cellular level. When administered into the skin, stem cells replicate themselves to match that of other cells that work to restore the skin from signs of aging.

One of the distinctive benefits of stem cell therapy is that stem cells can provide advanced healing to skin and tissue for optimal results of youthful skin. Wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin texture and more can be improved with stem cell administration.


Microneedling is an innovative facial rejuvenation treatment that can address age lines, uneven texture, dull skin tone and more with no downtime. A series of microneedles on the tip of a handpiece is carefully maneuvered over the surface of the skin, creating a series of micro-channels that stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Existing collagen, the main structural protein in the skin, is renewed and new collagen is generated to make reparations on the surface, smoothing away wrinkles and balancing skin texture. We recommend pairing our microneedling facial rejuvenation treatment with PRP therapy to achieve enhanced results of younger-looking skin.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation in our Miami or Knoxville offices and ask our team about our facial rejuvenation treatments! We look forward to hearing from you!