Cosmetic Therapy
Anti-Aging Medicine
Kiss medications and surgical procedures goodbye! Stimulate the skin’s natural repair process and rejuvenate your body to a healthier and younger you.

Are you looking for non-surgical anti-aging solutions to help revitalize your image? The Osteopathic Center offers a variety of cutting-edge anti-aging solutions through to help you feel and look your absolute best.

The Osteopathic Center in Miami and Knoxville is led by Dr. Goddard who aims to provide his patients with exceptional care in anti-aging and cosmetic therapy. Dr. Goddard and his expert team incorporate training from a variety of medicinal approaches to promote an optimal state of well-being. Contact us today to schedule your consultation in our Miami or Knoxville offices. Ask Dr. Goddard and his team of experts about our anti-aging medicine!

Our team can help you look and feel youthful with our anti-aging solutions that include:

  • Advanced testing
  • Regenerative injections
  • Nutritional health

Advanced Testing

In order to take the first step into looking and feeling youthful, our team performs thorough evaluations of your body’s current condition. This helps us determine if there are any compromises in your health and what actions can be taken in order to optimize your wellness to promote youthfulness.

We assess each patient’s distinctive needs carefully and are able to identify possible deficiencies that your body may have on a cellular level. Our team will devise recommendations and a wellness plan especially for you to help you achieve a youthful complexion.

Regenerative Injections

Through our specialized, premium injectable formulas, we can help rejuvenate your body and your aesthetic without surgery or extensive downtime. Regenerative injections work to repair damages in the skin as well as restore diminished tissue from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains, and more. Our regenerative injection solutions include:

These all-natural, non-surgical solutions can help revitalize your skin as well as heal your body on a cellular basis.

Nutritional Health

Dieting and lifestyle are two of many contributors to not just your health but to your aesthetic, as well. Our nutritional health plan treats the entire body, both internally and externally, as your internal health can greatly influence your appearance. Our expert wellness specialists will devise a customized nutrition plan especially for you to best accommodate you and your body’s needs so that you can feel and look your best.

If you are interested in turning back the clocks on your body, contact us today to schedule your consultation in our Miami or Knoxville offices. Our team of experts can help you determine which anti-aging approach may be most suitable for your aesthetic needs!